Time is money and watching movies take time, so  The Glorified Pelican can help you save both.
The Glorified Pelican  seeks out interesting films, records a short review and applies a simple rating system that can help guide you through the multitude of movie options;
  • A Must See - Self explanatory, and will be pretty much in the top ten movies of that year
  • Worth Watching - A movie that achieves everything it set out to. You can be confident that watching this is time well spent
  • Not Required Viewing - Without crapping too much on the hard work of everyone involved, there are enough problems with the outcome to avoid this one

About the Reviewer

There once was a guy who liked to watch movies.....
....then when he got older he started calling them Films and then when he got older still, he thought it was a good idea to tell people what he thought about these films. He then discovered that he writes better than he talks, so he started writing down those thoughts and The Glorified Pelican was hatched.
The idea of the site is to focus on interesting movies and hopefully give you some idea if they are worth your time or not. You don't really need me to tell you whether to see the latest Star Wars movie or Superhero blockbuster, so I'll lean more towards independent and lesser known movies.
Sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB can only help so much when it comes to trying to decide whether it's worth seeing a movie or not - it's more efficient if you can find a reviewer that shares your tastes. Check out a few of these reviews to see if your movie views are synched to mine.